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What Viagra to order the generic? — It is used for impotence treatment in adult men.
Which substance is used in the potency pills generic viagra? — In the sexual enhancer, Sildenafil is used. It is a Citrate Form. In what dosage it is available? - In our Shop-pharmacy you can order either 50Mg or 100Mg of Viagra by Bank Transfer. How long does it take to start to cheap viagra ? — It takes up to 60 minutes for Sildenafil exerts its full beneficial effect. At best it should be taken on an empty stomach.

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How long after oral ingestion on an empty stomach does Viagra work Original? Usually the cast time is 4 — 6 hours. In whatever dosage form it is available? generic viagra diamond-shaped pills in blue color.
What are the potency pills generic viagra for impotence treatment effective? — In its highest dose (100Mg) is the success rate of Sildenafil when 82 percent. What Viagra cost of prescription in the Online pharmacies? — The price varies depending on pack size and dose. For the price of 2.9 Euro per Tblt. you can order in dose to 50Mg Sildenafil Viagra. The price for 100Mg tablets starts from 0.35 $.

Sildenafil: indications

The main indication for use of sildenafil is the presence of insufficient potency and erectile dysfunction accompanied by premature ejaculation. If such violations of the reproductive system ejaculation occurs within a few minutes of intimacy.

Sildenafil is indicated for the treatment of dysfunction caused by the following factors:

diseases of the reproductive system;
a regular intake of hormonal medicines;
unbalanced diet;
fatigue, lack of sleep;
excessively high loads on the body;
an inactive or sedentary lifestyle;
stress, fatigue, prolonged depression

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Viagra can be used in the complex treatment of prostatitis and male infertility, and use as prophylaxis of impotence. The tool not only restores optimal functioning of the reproductive system, but also normalizes hormones, in particular testosterone.

Sildenafil citrate is indicated for males in different age categories. Thanks to a balanced and delicate formula it is ideal for use in certain groups of chronic diseases.

Reviews of doctors about viagra
Rick, urologist, Chicago
Viagra pills for men reviews brachyorrhos I have been working for 25 years. To me quite often come to men with erectile function disruption. Often, such a deviation is caused not only various diseases, but also irritability, stress, fatigue. In this case the man need an effective and quick assistance that will help to restore erection and to regain the confidence in their abilities.

Lately, I rarely recommend the drug Viagra Pfizer or analogues of this tool. No, it's a very effective tool, with the active substance sildenafilum that allows you to increase the blood flow to the penis, but is valid only for 4 hours. The drug of first choice for me was the Cialis.

How does the drug

Despite the fact that the drug can truly save man from impotence, you can use it and not everyone has to take it only after doctor's recommendation. I remind all patients. Self-treatment is not necessary to deal. To abandon the use of the drug if you have:
anatomical deformation of the penis;
peptic ulcer;
heart failure;

Take care of your health and be sure to consult with an expert before taking any drugs for potency.
viagra instructions for use price reviews of bracani's no secret that today Viagra is one of the few drugs that can valid effectively to cure sexual dysfunction. This tool really helps, you can be sure. I say this with full confidence, as andrologist, who often assigns Viagra coupon their patients.

What side effects the drug causes

My trust has also become a generic Viagra. It is a variety of medicines that enhance erections. All of them are made on the basis of the main component of Viagra pfizer is sildenafil citrate. The composition of generic drugs include the same components as the original Viagra.

Indian and Canadian counterparts are no different. For example, known from 70 years protivogribkovi drug fluconazole, Canadian production is worth exactly twenty times cheaper than USA.

Fill, 38 years old, London
Recently upgraded from the original viagra generic because it is way cheaper. Initially feared, of course, you never know what these Indians there ponameshano. Suddenly turn blue and fall off? It turned out fine. The composition of the tablets is the same as the original viagra (sildenafil something there), the direct effect – the same effects also in place. From side effects of viagra discount I only have a red upper breast, the rest seems oblivious.